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About Director

Col. Aysha Abdulla Harban
Director of Nursing Administration
Royal Medical Services

"I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and thank you for your interest in visiting our Nursing Services section. It gives me pleasure to share with you our unique nursing practices and experiences. I have been so glad that all the nursing staff has given me their full cooperation and support in implementing whatever activities and or changes in the system we introduced in order to improve staff and patient satisfaction. A lot of initiatives have been currently conducted in  our  department to maintain if not to increase the level of the result of the recent Patient Satisfaction survey which is 90%. A uniform focus on quality and patient satisfaction is our department priority."

As part of our department plan and our desire to retain employees and keep them committed to their workplace, the Nursing Retention Committee was promptly established this year. This committee, made up of staff representatives from different wards/units developed and implemented new strategies to promote nurse retention which we hope to be sustainable. Our continuing effort towards creating a culture of retention is on-going. Joining our hospital which is considered as the second largest hospital in Bahrain, would give any nurse an opportunity for professional growth and development. Once again, thank you for taking your time to view our website. I look forward to you joining our organization and live in the “Island of Million Palms"