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Mission & Objective

Mission & Objective
Our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective and efficient nursing care with due respect for human rights and own values of our customers, during peace and war.
We believe that;
  • The primary concern of nursing services is the welfare of the patients and families. 
  • Patients and families have the right to confidentiality and to be kept informed about all aspects of their health status and to participate in decision affecting their care. 
  • Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. 
  • The staff is our most valuable assets and their right and integrity must be preserved. 
  • Nurses are professionals and therefore accountable and responsible for their practice. 
  • Teamwork and team-spirit will contribute positively to the delivery of effective and efficient quality care. 
  • We have an obligation to monitor all activities through quality improvement and to initiate corrective measure when necessary. 
  • Continuing education is essential for nursing staff competence. Professional growth and development is both a personal and organizational responsibility. 
  • Researches, surveys, studies etc., enhance clinical practice, and should be fostered to the extent possible. 
  • We have responsibility to provide appropriate learning opportunities and be role models for students. 
The Department of Nursing will;
  • Provide quality Nursing Services to our patients by preventing illness, promoting and restoring their health. 
  • Provide individualized holistic patient care utilizing the nursing process. 
  • Establish effective communication, cooperation and coordination with all health professionals and administrative services involved in the planning and delivery of patient care. 
  • Foster a positive work atmosphere based on team spirit and trust among nursing staff and members of the health team to ensure job satisfaction. 
  • Maintain standards of professional practice among nurses by implementing a continuous in-service training program. 
  • Assess and evaluate our quality of nursing care on an on-going basis through quality improvement and nursing audits. 
  • Initiate and carry out research, surveys, studies etc., aimed at improving quality of patient care.
  • Participate in the teaching-learning experience of students by providing guidance and assistance in the use of hospital resources. 
  • Develop staff readiness and efficiency to respond promptly in disaster and war. 
  • Initiate measure to achieve Bahrainization within the department of Nursing.