Quality Management

The Quality Management Department at the Royal Medical Services was established in May 1988 as a program to monitor the quality of patient care being provided by the facility and to coordinate all other programs. The department’s mission is “To ensure that Royal Medical Services provide best care to its customers through a unified program of developing and implementing a system of quality management, such as ISO 9000:2008 and ACHSI systems, or any other system that produces continual improvement of health care services and efficient use of resources”.

The department’s activities focus on continuous improvement taking into consideration the needs and expectation of Royal Medical Services’ customers. This is obtained through getting customers feedback by utilizing the hospital suggestion boxes, complaints forms, surveys, etc. 

The following are some of the Quality Management programs that provided throughout the organization:

Risk Management:

  • Reporting, investigating and monitoring incidents on a daily basis such as unusual occurrence, near misses, sentinel events, etc. and providing corrective actions through incident reporting system (Occurrence/Variance/Accident Report).
  • Reviewing and monitoring Code Red (CPR) and variances of clinical pathways.

Utilization Review:

  • Reviewing and monitoring patients’ length of stay, physician profile, mortality and morbidity, etc.

Performance Measurement and Improvement:

  • Management of customers’ complaints and feedback provided through Customer’s Comment / Suggestions and Complaint Form (near suggestion boxes of in the wards), telephone and surveys.
  • Monitor different quality indicators.
  • Support implementation of quality improvements throughout the hospital.

Infection Control:

  • Preventing and controlling infections between patients, from or to healthcare workers through Surveillance program, Nosocomial Infection, Surgical Site Infection and Sharps Injuries.

Education, Training and Development:

  • Continuously conducts various education programs, studies; and establishes and review policies and procedures.

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