School of Royal Medical Services(SRMS)

The School of Royal Medical Services, under the Training and Development Directorate, is committed to execute its duty of providing quality and demand-driven educational/training programs in line with the Mission, Vision, Objectives and Values of the Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services.  As an educational/training section within the Training and Development Directorate, the School of Royal Medical Services (SRMS) is a haven of knowledge and expertise particularly in Nursing, First Aid, and Military disciplines.  With its qualified and dedicated staff, the school aspires to be a leader in promoting educational development and professional advancement taking exceptional attention to the needs and desires of its customers.  With support from our organization, the SRMS will passionately strive to confront the challenges of this ever-changing world.

  • School of Royal Medical Services: A Brief History

    After a series of meetings and consultations between BDF officials and representatives from the Ministry of Health, it was agreed on the 16th of October 1993 that the BDF Hospital would offer the Certified Emergency Corpsman Program. By February of 1994, the training school, under the establishment of the Medical Support Group formally started the program with eleven (11) males and four (4) females comprising the pioneer batch. As a result of reorganization in 1996, the Field Medical Battalion took over the operational management of the school.  In addition, the program was revised and consequently named Field Practical Nursing Program. In 1999, for the purpose of coordinating and unifying all training activities within the Medical Services, it was decided that the school should be placed under the organizational establishment of the Training and Development Directorate. One of the most outstanding highlights in the school’s history was the awarding of the ISO 9001-2000 certification in November of 2000.  This exemplifies the school’s commitment to quality education. Since its humble beginning in the early nineties up to the present, the school has witnessed not only a gradual and steady growth in the number of students competently trained and graduated but also the introduction of new, quality, and demand-driven courses. As it journeys into the 21st century, the School of Royal Medical Services looks forward to meeting the challenges ahead with confidence and perseverance.


    The School of Royal Medical Services is committed to continuously design, implement, and evaluate programs/ courses that are responsive to the needs of Bahrain Defence Force organization in the most efficient cost effective manner.


    Recognizing the importance of developing human resources, the school of Royal Medical Services envisions itself to become the leading regional military institution dedicated to quality education.

  • Accomplishments
    School of Royal Medical Services is ISO 9001-2000 Certified. ISO Certification was awarded on the 11th of November 2000. The school of Royal medical Services passed the quality and standards set. School of Royal Medical Services it's accomplishments over the years up to 2005
    The SRMS is proud of it's Graduates.

    Nursing / Health Related

    1. Practical Nursing
    2. Field Practical Nursing
    3. Emergency Medical Technician
    4. Triage
    5. Dispatcher
    • 160 Graduates ( Male & Female)
    • 92 Graduates  8 males and 4 females
    • 51 Graduates
    • 21 Graduates
    • 10  Graduates

    First Aid

    1. First Aid (BDF units)
    2. First Aid (Private Sectors)
    • 924 Graduates
    • 70 Graduates

    Military Training

    1. Male Military Training
    2. Female Military Training
    3. Female Military Refreshers
    4. Training
    5. Female Clerks
    • 38 Graduates
    • 379  Graduates
    • 44  Graduates
    • 120 Graduates

    English Courses

    1. Frontline RMS Staff
    • 52 Graduates

    Other Courses

    1. BDF Staff ' Children (Summer Program)
    • 14 Participants

    School's Administration

    • Commanding Officer: Major Fawzia Ebrahim A.Wahab 
    • Training Coordinator: Lt. Eman MubarakAl.Shaikh 
    • Registrar: Shaikha Moh'd Al-Dosary 
    • Secretary / Clerk: Mariam Rashid Juma

    Faculty Members

    Nursing Instructors:
    • 1st W/O Ahmed Mohammad Rashid (Associate Degree in Nursing, Nursing Instructor)
    • Welinda Apelo (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nursing Instructor)
    • Roberto C. Jimenez (Master of Arts in Nursing, Nursing Instructor)
    • Rolando A. Martinez (Master of Arts in Nursing, Nursing Instructor)
    English Instructors:
    • Emerson M. Ariston (Master of Arts in Teaching English Language, English Instructor)
    • Ms. Hanan Jassim Al-Hadi (Bachelor of Arts in English, Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration, English Instructor & Training Coordinator)
    First Aid Trainers:
    • 1st W/O Khalid Nassir Abdulla (First Aid / Map Reading / Physical Fitness, Trainer)
    Military Trainers:
    • Position Vaccant (Academic and Training Programs / Courses, Nursing/Health-Related Courses)
  • Objectives
    The School of Royal Medical Services aims to be the leading Regional Military Educational/Training Institution dedicated to quality education by acquiring the following distinctions:
    • Access: Providing competency-based program/courses through maximum utilization of existing capabilities, active collaboration, and resourcefulness.
    • Plan programs/courses taking into consideration the current and future needs of the organization. 
    • Perform the formulation and implementation of the department’s annual training plan.
    • Facilitate recruitment and enrolment in coordination with the RMS administration and BDFHQ. 
    • Co-ordinate budget requirement/allocation with concerned department.
    • Excellence: Becoming the leading institution  in training military and civilian personnel.
    • Ensure training opportunities exist in an environment that challenges and nurtures professionalism.
    • Institute policies and procedures that facilitate efficient program/course implementation.
    • Update program/course package every five years. 
    • Facilitate graduate registration with the concerned authority.
    • Technology and Facilities: Making available the necessary technology and facility to carry out educational and administrative functions with efficiency.
    • Ensure student and staff access to current hardware, software, and multimedia tools/equipment.
    • Acquire the essential training equipment and supplies.
    • Periodically maintain current facilities and equipment.
    • Improve structural/building facilities and equipment according to acceptable educational standard.
    • Partnership: Determining courses/programs based on current and future needs.
    • Maintain regular communication with department heads and other BDF units.
    • Conduct annual training needs assessment.
    • Participate in interdepartmental meetings.
    • Collaborate with other organizations and ministries.
    • Marketing and Pride: Promoting awareness of school programs/activities.
    • Conduct school exhibit, outreach/community service projects during special day/occasion.
    • Perform annual drill exercise showing learned skills and abilities of student.
    • Communicate school programs, activities, and accomplishment through official publications, pamphlets and notice boards.
    • Arrange “career talk visit” to selected schools and BDF units.
    • Organize graduation ceremony for all completed course/program.
    • Invite administration officials and heads of departments to school special functions/activities.
  • Training Programs
    The male graduates of field practical nursing programme and Emergency Medical Technician Programme (EMT) are prepared to serve at Field Medical Battalion (FMB). The females graduated as Practical Nurses are working at the Military Hospital (nursing services)
    The programme aims to graduate military personnel who are highly competent to offer nursing care and emergency first aid in case of peace, disaster and war.  The programme is offered in English Language, it is a full-time two study years which is divided into two parts:
    a) The PRACTICAL NURSING PROGRAMME is an 18-month course in which the student gains theoretical knowledge and practice in Nursing at a variety of settings, (Military Hospital, Salmaniya Hospital) and Health Centers.
    1. FIELD OPERATIONS is a 6-month course which consists of:
    2. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare 
    3. Ambulance Driving and Dispatcher Course
    4. Fire Fighting and Evacuation of Casualties
    5. Wireless Communication, Compass and Map Reading
    6. Field Practices and Exercises
    7. Advanced Pharmacology and Drug Dispensary
     Admission Requirements:
    •  Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihi)
    •  Should pass the Entrance Exam and the personal interview (School of Royal Medical Services Requirement).
    •  Should pass physical and medical fitness (BDF Requirements)
    The graduates are awarded Field Practical Nursing Diploma which permit them to be licensed and registered by the Ministry of Health Licensure and Registration Office.  The graduates can work at various health care settings.
    A training program which aims to graduate military personnel who are competent to offer Emergency and First Aid Care at Field Medical Battalion and Ambulance Services. The programmes are offered in English Language which is of six-month duration.
    1. First Aid and Emergency Care, Theory and Practice
    2. Practice Triage at Ambulance Services and Camp Clinics
    3. Ambulance Driving Dispatcher Training
    4. Field Evaluation of Casualties
    5. Communications/Compass and Map Reading
    6. Fire Fighting
    7. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare
    Admission Requirements: 
    Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihi)
    Must Pass the Entrance Exam and the personal interview (School of Royal Medical Services Requirement).
    Must pass physical and medical fitness (BDF Requirements)
    The graduates are awarded Emergency Medical Technician Certificate which permit them to work at Military Services Ambulance Services, Camp Clinics and Field Medical Battalion.
    This course aims to enhance nursing staff assessment skills and knowledge in triaging at Emergency Department.
    This course aims to develop skills and knowledge required in order to become an effective emergency communication dispatcher in Ambulance Services.
    Various English courses (All Levels) are offered to military service employees which aim to improve the English language according to Medical Service’s needs. 
    First Aid Courses
    1) First Aid
    It is a 3-week course aims to train other BDF Unit employees in all First Aid Skills and Procedures. This course will make the trainees qualified to perform self and partner’s First Aid procedures.
    2) 1st Aid Trainers Training Course
     It is an 8-week course which aims to prepare trainers who are able to train the employees at their units in First Aid. The trainers get advanced 1st Aid Training and the Fundamental Concepts in teaching/ learning methods and the use of different training materials/aids. It also provides practical training in ambulance to be acquainted with management of the emergency casualties. 
    3) 1st Aid Trainers Refresher Course
    It is a 3-week training/practice sessions for First Aid Trainers held simultaneously with the basic First Aid Course.  It aims to strengthen and advance their teaching/training skills.  
    Military Courses
    1) Male Military Course
    A compulsory course which aims to orient the recruits to military training which is based on the same training contents offered by BDF Royal Military Training Centre.
    2) Female Military Training
    A compulsory course for military female personnel which aims to prepare all female employees (officers/non-officers) to gain military skills and knowledge.
    3) Military Refresher Course for Female
    A short course which aims to refresh Military skills and knowledge of all the female military personnel employed at BDF.
    4) Military Clerk Course for Female
    It is a specialized course for female BDF employees to be oriented to the basic requirements to work as a military clerk.
    5) Preparation Course for Military Promotions/Classification Exams
    This course aims to prepare military personnel for military examination due for promotion and/or classification.