Physicians List


Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Treating allergic rhinitis, including provision of allergic skin testing and immunotherapy services.
  • Treating resistant nasal obstruction by using classical and most advanced surgical modalities like laser and radiofrequency ablation. 
  • Provision of cosmetic ENT surgeries, like rhinoplasty and correction of bat ear. 
  • Diagnoses, treating and provision of rehabilitation for hearing services & loss, vertigo and tinnitus. 
  • Microphonosurgeries for chronic hoarseness and provision of speech therapy services. 
  • Treating chronic ENT pediatrics problems like tonsillitis, adenoid hypertrophy and glue ears.
  • Managing children with autism. 
  • Treating nasal polyposis and deviated nasal septum by conventional, advanced endoscopic and laser techniques.
  • Treating Halithosis by "Laser Tonsillectomy" in the clinic.

Newly Introduced Techniques(2009):

  • Tonsillectomy by Hormonic Scalpel.
  • Sialo-Endoscopy for "Salivary Gland Stones" and "Salivary Duct Obstructive Pathologies."

Coming Soon:

  • Ballon Sinuplasty for Recurrent Sinusitis.
  • Pillar Implants for snoring.

For Appointment: 1776 6012