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Information Technology

Information Technology


Health Information Technology at the Royal Medical Services 

The era of digital healthcare is upon us and at its core lies the Electronic Health Record. The healthcare sector is among the most dynamic and complex sectors. It is more demanding than any other sector. The availability of the right information at the right time can mean the difference between life and death. There is now a global awareness for the need for having comprehensive information systems in healthcare settings. In this regard, the Royal Medical Services from the very beginning has provided quality health care services complemented with state of the art technology. The Royal Medical Services was the first hospital in the kingdom to venture into the realm of health care application development in order to support and enhance the myriad of health care services that it provides. Apart from clinical applications, numerous administrative and financial applications have also been developed and implemented. Whereas other hospitals in the region have opted to acquire commercial systems, the Royal Medical Services is a regional pioneer in developing and deploying its own hospital information system. We have implemented an Electronic Health Record that caters to our specific needs and is in line with international standards and best practices. Our Hospital Information System has evolved over the last decade into a powerful and robust information system that is driven by Oracle® Database Technology. 

As a department we are committed to enhance all the administrative, financial and clinical services at the Royal Medical Services by deploying state of the art information technology solutions and to ensure the satisfaction for all our hospital staff.

Dr.Muzammil A.Rehman
MBBS, MHI (Canada)
Medical Informatics Specialist & Head of Department
Information Technology Division