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Vision Statement

We aim to be the local and regional center of excellence in the field of otolaryngology (ENT / ear, nose and throat).

Mission Statement

In War:

To provide the best medical and surgical care to all personnel from all units at BDF.

In Peace:

  1. We aim to provide the best high standard health care in the field of otolaryngology to all BDF entitled patients, Members of the Royal Family, Ministry of Interior, Royal Court Employees and their families as well as private patients.
  2. To provide ENT residents with a structured training program in collaboration with well recognized regional training programs.
  3. To provide medical students belonging to medical schools affiliated to the hospital with excellent ENT training, meeting high international standards.  
  4. Optimizing patient education by providing up to date educational material and counselling.


Our services include, but not limited to:

  1. Treating allergic rhinitis, including provision of allergic skin testing and immunotherapy services.
  2. Treating resistant nasal obstruction by using classical and most advanced surgical modalities like laser and radiofrequency ablation.
  3. Provision of cosmetic ENT surgeries, like rhinoplasty and correction of bat ear.
  4. Treating nasal polyposis and deviated nasal septum by conventional, advanced endoscopic and laser techniques.
  5. Utilization of balloon dilatation technologies  for obstructed sinuses (Balloon sinuplasty) and Eustachian tubes (Balloon Tuboplasty). 
  6. Microphonosurgeries for chronic hoarseness and provision of speech therapy services.
  7. Management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea by up-to-date technologies including tongue advancement by Airvan technology. 
  8. Managing children with autism and other varieties of speech disorders.
  9. Treating chronic ENT pediatrics problems like tonsillitis, adenoid hypertrophy and glue ears.
  10. Treating Halitosis by "Laser Tonsillectomy" in the clinic.
  11. Conduction of tonsillectomies via up-to-date state of art technologies like welding and radiofrequency tonsillectomy.
  12. Sialo-Endoscopy for "Salivary Gland Stones" and "Salivary Duct Obstructive Pathologies."
  13. Diagnoses, treating and provision of rehabilitation for hearing services & loss including the provision of cochlear implants among other hearing restoration technologies.  
  14. Management of vertigo and tinnitus and their rehabilitation via our state of art vestibular lab.

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