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The division of urology is an integral part of the department of surgery at the BDF RMS. The division of urology strives to maintain high standards of patient care by ensuring that the patients are receiving the most advanced urological treatments. This has been well documented by the fact that we are the pioneers of laparoscopic urology in the Kingdom of Bahrain, highest volume of Green light laser vaporization of prostate center, and offering the most advanced technologies in stone treatments.


  • Prostate Enlargement treated with the latest technologies such as Green laser which gives excellent results and less blood loss and hospital stay compared to the conventional TURP
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer


Pioneers in introducing urologic laparoscopy in Bahrain, performing complex procedure such as partial nephrectomy and pyeloplasty. Laparoscopic has the advantage of less post operative pain, shorter hospital stay and earlier return to normal life.


The Division of urology offers the latest and most advanced means to treat urinary tract stones

  • ESWL (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy)
  • Semi-rigid & Flexible ureteroscopy with the Holmium laser can break stones in  difficult regions in the kidneys and reach areas otherwise not accessible
  • PCNL can remove large bulk of stones with minimal access.

Sexual Disorders

  • Diagnosis and treatment of weak erections with different modalities ranging from oral medication and first time in Bahrain penile shock wave treatment which is an effective noninvasive clinical procedure
  • Insertion of different types of penile implants in severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

Male infertility

  • Assessment and treatment of male factor infertility with various diagnostic tests and perform procedures to restore fertility such as varicocelectomy and microscopic reversal of vasectomy. 
  • Micro TESE which gives the best chance to retrieve testicular sperms compared to conventional methods and resulted in successful sperm retrieval in situations where hope was lost.

Pediatric Urology

  • Diagnosis and treatment of different pediatric urologic disorders like nocturnal enuresis and recurrent urinary tract infection and neurogenic bladder.
  • Performing corrective procedures for urologic malformation such as hypospadias, undescended testicles, ureteropelvic junction obstruction and Vesicoureteric reflux.


  • In the old hospital building, near to Cardiac Center.

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