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OBS & Gynaecology

OBS & Gynaecology

The birth of your baby, whether it is your first, or a happy addition to your family, is always a very personal experience. Striking an essential balance between a supportive, comfortable setting and the assurance of competent medical care, B.D.F Hospital has built a reputation on providing family-oriented care that offers the expectant parent a birth experience that's positive, safe, and warmly remembered. The numbers of deliveries are increasing over years, because of high quality care provided in the department, inaddition to the facilities, such as, epidural anesthesia in labour.

Scope of Services

Our maternity staffs know that having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life and pride them on providing supportive, high quality care before, during and after the birth of your baby. We have a long and proud tradition in maternity services with a focus on complete care. Our Maternity care is an integrated collaborative team of Obstetricians, midwives, pediatrician, physiotherapists, maternity social workers to guide in the planning and development of your pregnancy, delivery and care of your baby. 

Patient Education

  • Providing illustrative leaflets of postnatal exercises for vaginal & caesarian births. 
  • Presenting breastfeeding booklets & brochures, along with the breastfeeding health teaching by the maternity ward staff and trained practical nurses.
  • Offering family planning educational pamphlets, booklets & leaflets.
  • Providing educational unit activities in each ward and ANC by midwives, nurses & trained practical nurses, including health teaching subjects related to baby care, perineal care, breastfeeding, etc.

Our Facilities

  • Our Labour wad includes 8 birthing beds, Offering pain free birth via epidural analgesiaprovided by expert anesthetists ,and pain relief measures (Pethedine injection, entonox inhalation (laugh gas)  for in  labour mothers. 
  • Allowing husband to accompany his wife in labour; to allow mental and psychological support.
  • Providing  exclusive private nursing care for civilian non-sponsored mothers and their babies.Special Care nursery (NICU) & Well Baby nursery
  • Expert midwives & nurses in collecting cord blood for Cryo save upon patient’s pre-request and arrangement with the concerned company. 
  • Providing antenatal & postnatal exercises in collaboration with physiotherapy.

Following up antenatal patients including high risk patients.

A high-risk pregnancy is one that threatens the health or life of the mother or her fetus. Some pregnancies become high risk as they progress, while some women are at increased risk for complications even before they get pregnant for a variety of reasons. In our clinic we offer patients care from a special team of health care providers to ensure the best possible outcomes without complications. We follow up high-risk pregnancies including existing medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, overweight and obese patients, multiple pregnancies with their common complications such as include preeclampsia, premature labor, and young or old maternal age.

Following up patients with cardiac problem

Women with heart disease or with previous cardiac surgery are followed up at our clinic in combination with the cardiac team as we worked with Sheikh Mohammed AlKhalifa Cardiac centre.

Prenatal diagnosis

We perform genetic amniocentesis which involves taking a sample of amniotic fluid and testing it for certain conditions, such as Down syndrome. We also offer noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT) to identify women at increased risk of giving birth to a child with a genetic disorder.

Gynecological screening

Pelvic examination is often conducted in asymptomatic women to screen for pathology. In our clinic we obtain cervical pap smears according to the recommended guidelines; abnormal smears are treated by colposcopy and directed biopsies and further treatment is directed as needed.

Laparoscopic Services
Today’s minimal invasive surgical procedures have a firm position in the operative treatment of gynecological disorder. Since 2010, the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been intensively started in the field of endoscopy using the best, latest and modern Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic instruments. Our Advanced Minimal Invasive surgery approach provides a safer and more effective alternative to open surgery, enabling patients quicker recovery time, less discomfort and enhanced outcomes, the advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgery performed by skilled and highly qualified laparoscopic surgeon. We are performing many minor and advanced laparoscopic and Hyteroscopic surgeries such as simple and complex ovarian cystectomy –myomectomy (Fibroid remove), Benign Pelvic masses, Fimbrioplasty, Tubal ligation, Laparoscopic abdominal emergency surgery such as ectopic pregnancy.


Diagnostic hysteroscopy is used to diagnose problems of the uterus. Operative hysteroscopy is used to correct an abnormal condition that has been detected during a diagnostic hysteroscopy such as polyps, fibroids, or adhesion and septum resection.

Menopausal Clinic

Menopause is defined as women who are no longer menstruating for more than 12 months. A woman is said to be ‘post-menopausal’ if there has been no period for 12 months in a row. Menopause can happen naturally or as a result of some health conditions, medication or surgical procedures. Every woman experiences menopause differently. Sometimes these symptoms are hardly noticeable. But sometimes they may be very distressing for other women. Our clinic is dedicated to the needs and care of post-menopausal women. We conduct routine screening for gynaecological problems and breast diseases including routine PAP smears, mammography, bone density studies, endocrine and biochemical tests. Treatment is individualised to each woman depending on her needs. The clinic offers advice on medical therapies to help alleviate menopausal symptoms including hormone replacement therapy. In addition to information on lifestyle factors such as exercise and nutrition and sexual counselling.

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