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Our Laboratory offers an advanced laboratory analysis services with fully automated analysers providing an emergency, routine and special tests, including referral facility to the specialized labs for the complex investigations, requested by our hospital Clinicians round the clock. We have a total number of 100 qualified experienced clinical & technical staffs, processing around 1449856 tests. We are also doing private practise for inside and outside hospital clinics. Our Blood Bank section offers blood donation services for the public and the BDF personal.

Objectives of the Department

A.  Patient Care:
  1. To provide accurate and precise results of common laboratory tests required by clinicians to establish or rule out a diagnosis and to monitor therapy.
  2. To perform the laboratory tests in cost effective way.
  3. To deliver the results as early as possible so that patients stay in the hospital for a very minimum period. To achieve this goal large-scale automation has been done in Haematology, Biochemistry and Serology.
  4. Not to perform in house tests, which are rarely asked for and are of non-essential nature; in order to cut down costs. Such tests if necessary will be sent outside.
  5. Self-dependent in supplies of safe blood and blood components to patients.
B.  Community Service
  1. To regularly screen for common inherited diseases like sickle cell disease, G-6-P-D deficiency, Thalassemia, in born errors of metabolism, etc.
  2. To assist the GP department to maintain proper health of school going children.
  3. To assist the community for early detection of cancer in Bahrain.
  4. To do regular necessary tests on food handlers working in BDF.
  5. To help the administration to provide safe drinking water and prevention of infection.
  6. To regularly screen for infectious and non-infectious diseases of persons willing to join BDF.
C.  Research
  1. To carry out research works in house and in collaboration with other bodies such as AGU, RCSI and Bahrain University.
  2. To publish research works in local and international journals.