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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Specially Designed Facilities:

Our Emergency Medicine Department has specialty and multipurpose areas, ready to treat a wide variety of both urgent and emergent health needs, including:

  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • General Trauma
  • Obstetrics
  • Critical conditions (Medical & Surgical)
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Pediatric Emergency Services

When minutes matter:

With an on-site Ambulance service, patients with the most critical needs can be on their way to the highest-level trauma center within no time. Our Emergency medical service personals are highly trained in stabilizing and preparing these patients for transport.

Understanding Triage:

The term 'triage' implies prioritization of patients based on their degree of illness or injury. All emergency patients are triaged upon arrival. Sicker patients are then seen and treated more immediately than those with less urgent care needs.

While every attempt is made to see patients in the order they arrive and as quickly as possible, the care being given to critically ill or injured patients may cause delays for others. We continually strive to decrease those delays and are proud to have an enviable record of examining, treating, and releasing or admitting of our patients.

Other Services:

  • Establishing a new Emergency Department Short Stay Unit (SSU)
  • Fast Tract Service will be opened soon for eligible patients.
  • The department provides services for medically insured patients.