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Nursing Education

Nursing Education
BDFRMS nursing services encourages an environment that fosters professional development. Development of staff to meet the current and future challenges brought about by the advent of new technologies and patient’s high expectations becomes one of your top priorities.
In line with our effort for continuing education, we have sent qualified staff to pursue their Bachelors and Masteral degrees and several more staff for speciality courses in ICU, NICU, Orthopaedic, Accident & Emergency, Pediatric, etc in other countries.
Regular Sunday and Monday lectures were conducted by both external and internal guest speaker to provide updates on new trends in patient’s management and care.
A NURSING CAREER PLAN POLICY has been developed by the Nursing Interim Policy Committee to encourage staff to progress and or advance their career or position. Courses and trainings like Clinical Nursing Audit, Stress and Management, Intravenous Therapy courses are only among the many which our staff attends in order to augment their knowledge and skills.
In our organization, professional development is both the staff and the hospital’s responsibility. For this, staffs are given opportunity to attend outside of the country courses and seminars they are interested to attend.