The pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff of the Pharmacy Department provide compassionate care to inpatients and ambulatory care patients of The Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services Hospital.

We promote and implement medication practices which enhance patient safety, and strive to ensure that there is a seamless continuity of drug therapy between The Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services Hospital and the community. As part of a multidisciplinary team, pharmacists are responsible for monitoring and optimizing the outcomes of drug therapy of individual patients. 

We provide a dynamic learning environment and collaborate with educational institutions in training pharmacy students, residents and technicians. We also promote and provide an active staff continuing education program to further development of our services.

Pharmaceutical Services in Royal Medical Services

The pharmacy department in Royal Medical Services Hospital consists of 4 pharmacies. Each pharmacy plays unique role in patient services. They are: 

  • Main Pharmacy   
  • GP Pharmacy   
  • Dental Pharmacy
  • Cardiac Pharmacy   

The pharmacy department provides its services through a mix of qualified pharmacist and assistant pharmacist 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week. Pharmacy department provides range of services including: 

  • Preparing medications to out outpatients and inpatients. 
  • Supplying medications to nursing units, theaters, clinics and camps. 
  • Filling Rxs for ambulatory patients / A/E as well as out patients. 
  • Preparing solutions, syrups, sachets and mixing different types of creams. 
  • Supplying narcotics (Restricted & controlled drugs) 
  • Providing information to patients and health care professionals about the drugs. 
  • Provides training to students & other health care professionals. Main pharmacy provides its services to entitled out patients / A/E patients / nursing units. 
  • GP Pharmacy provides its services to entitled patients seen by General Practitioners in RMS. 
  • Dental Pharmacy provides its services to entitled patients seen by dental doctors.
PharmacyLocationWorking DaysWorking TimeTel. Number
Main Pharmacy Old Hospital Saturday - Friday 24 Hours 17766746
GP Pharmacy GP Clinics Saturday - Friday 07:00am-02:00pm / 04:00pm-11:00 pm 17766744
Dental Pharmacy Dental Clinics Sunday - Thursday 07:00am -02:00pm 17766085
Cardiac Pharmacy Cardiac Centre Sunday-Thursday 07:00am-02:00pm, Saturday(07:00am-01:00pm),Friday(oncall 11:00am-03:00pm) 17766742