Vision, Mission and Values

Setting of organizational objectives is the starting point of managerial actions. An organisation’s end results for which an organization strives is termed as “mission”, purpose, objective, goal, target etc. Many times these terms are used interchangeably as all these denote end results.

Vision Statement:

  • To be one of the leading national and regional hospitals in efficiency and continuously providing highest quality health care.

Mission Statement:

  • The Mission of the BAHRAIN DEFENCE FORCE ROYAL MEDICAL SERVICES is to provide:

In War:

  • Excellent medical support to all BDF Units.

In Peace:

  • Excellent, quality driven healthcare to BDF, Members of the Royal Family, Ministry of Interior and Royal Court Employees and their families.
  • Emergency services to the public.
  • Coordinates with the Cardiac Center services to provide cardiac care to all Bahraini nationals and residents of the Kingdom who works in various government ministries.


  • Loyalty... To our country, The King and to all entrusted to our care.
  • Respect... To treat all our personnel with trust and integrity.
  • Selfless Services... To place the welfare of our patients and others about that of our own.
  • Growth... To encourage our employees to develop professionally, to ensure that the service they provide will sustain the organization's continuing improvement.
  • Quality... To continuously ensure that quality services become a distinguished characteristic of individual and organizational performance.
  • Collaboration... To encourage a collaborative environment, which promotes the attainment of the organization mission.
  • Leadership... To encourage innovation, teamwork, participation and effective communication.