Our History

The Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services was established in 1968 as a unit of the Ministry of Defence which was called National Guard at that time. In line with the government policy the medical services has gone through three expansion phases.

The first phase was the establishment stage in early 1970's, and was located in the "Al Hamalah". At that time the clinical activities were limited to primary care and for isolating patients with acute illness from the Military Camps operating with eight beds capacity. After few years two outpatient clinics, a treatment room, a small laboratory and an X-ray room were added.

The second phase began in late 1979 when the establishment of Phase I took place. This increased the bed capacity to 120 beds, which provided major health care services to Personnel and their dependents from both the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior.

The third phase was the establishment of the new hospital in early 1992 which resulted in the expansion of existing medical services, along with the establishment of specialized cardiac center. The phase has increased the hospital bed capacity to 400 beds.

Locally the B.D.F Hospital is ranked the second largest hospital in the country after the Salmaniya Medical center of the Ministry of Health in terms of medical services, operational capacity and staffing.