Private Practice

The Royal Medical Services is one of Bahrain's most recognized hospitals. It offers high quality healthcare and has maintained this status for the past 45 years. The Royal Medical Services is renowned for its Private practice, which provides the patient with the best medical expertise.

Patients can benefit from the excellent standard of medical and surgical specialties, with use of advanced diagnostic equipment. Our priority at the Royal Medical Services - Private practice is to provide high intangible value and a guarantee for your medical investment. Our concern is to provide the highest standard possible of healthcare. The availability of consultants and specialists reflects our dedication to this high standard. The Royal Medical Services - Private practice encompasses 40 consultants covering an array of specialties. When booking an appointment please provide your CPR No., which will give us easy access to your medical records. Private practice clinical timing will be from 03:00pm to 07:30pm. The Gynecology & Obstetrics clinics operates 03:00pm to 08:00pm.

  • Our Clinic Timings: 04:00pm - 08:00pm (Sunday - Thursday).
  • For Appointments Contact : (00973) -17766555
  • Please call for Dental Appointments: (00973) 17766081 - 17766473
  • Our call centre operates from 08:00 am - 08:00 pm (Sunday - Thursday)
  • Contact Banoon ART & Cytogenetic Centre at 17766483 / 17766990 for fertility assessment / treatment (07.00 am - 02.00 p.m)