Internal Medicine - Specialists

Our goal is to provide compassionate and practical help to those in need. This includes providing comprehensive health care for the medically indigent and a range of other services aimed either at meeting basic needs or equipping people with the tools needed to improve the quality of their lives and/or to become self sufficient.

Physicians List

The department of medicine encompasses different specialties such as internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, rheumatology, nephrology, neurology, endocrinology and gastroenterology.


  • To improve the health of individual patients and population by providing safe, up to date care in an  efficient, professional and always improving manner.


  • To  provide the support and structure that will enable every individual member of the department to excel and succeed, while contributing positively to our overall mission.


  • Integrity, transparency , and accountability.
  • Truthfulness and open  communication.
  • Respect for confidentiality and privacy.

Team work:

  • To provide an atmosphere of collaboration and coordination.


  • We will strike to exceed the expectations of our patients in every aspect of our work.

The following specialized services are also available at our department:

  1. Diabetes and endocrine center: this state of art center was open in 2007; the clinic is run on daily bases, accepting pediatric patient. There are also full time dieticians diabetic nurses and  a podiatrist. Contact 17766434 for more information.
  2. Pulmonary lap: pulmonary function tests are carried out  daily for patient of all ages , with on the spot reporting and patient education by a full time pulmonary lap nurse. For appointment call 17766075.
  3. Clinical neurophysiology lap: established in 2006,this unique service provides EEG,EMG and evoked potential studies for patients of all ages, including pediatrics. We are in the process of expending with a future plan of establishing a sleep lap and an epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU). For more information contact 17766739.
  4. The Hemodialysis unit: this fully-equipped busy unit provides hemodialysis for over 100 patients divided in to2 shifts. The unit also provides services for emergency  hemodialysis and plasmaphoresis. The HD team consists of a highly-qualified, highly experience consultant Nephrologist, Chief Resident, Senior Resident, aresident and a qualified HD nursing team.
  5. Endosscopy Unit: this busy unit is run by two consultant, Gastroenterologist, procedures such as upper and lower GI endoscopies (therapeutic and diagnostic),ERCP, insertion of percutaneous gastric tubes and weight reduction procedure(e.g. bioenteric gastric balloons) are done dialy basis. Additional service will be included in the near future including esophageal Ph monitoring and GI motility studies, for more information contact on 17766614.