Ophthalmology - Specialists

Ophthalmology Department at B.D.F Hospital is providing outstanding medical and surgical eye care, to promote understanding of eye conditions and diseases, and to conduct research to advance knowledge in ophthalmology.

Physicians List


Diagnostic Services

  • Daily out patient clinic.
  • A & B scan ultrasonography.
  • Automated permetry.
  • Examination of corneal Topography. 
  • Wave front analysis.

Therapeutic Services 

  • Correction of errors of the refraction by customized wave front guided Lasik Treatment of cataract by phacoemalsification of foldable intracular lens implantation.
  • Treatment of glaucoma by laser and surgical treatment.
  • Correction of squint in children and adults.
  • Cosmetic ocula surgery for eye lids and lacrimal disorders.