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Mission Statement: In the Intensive Care Unit at BDFRMS our primary responsibility is to provide safe, appropriate, high quality care and comfort to all patients with Acute, Life-threatening illness or injury and to support those that care for them.
The ICU Department is dedicated to the achievement of excellence in critical care, service, education and research.
A multidisciplinary team approach is utilized consisting of Anaesthesia and ICU Consultants, physicians, Nurses, Respiratory therapists and Clinical Pharmacists.
Physician and non-physician members of the ICU department are specially trained practitioners and are available 24 hours. Each patient is cared for and monitored carefully.

The Intensive Care Unit in the BDFRMS is a 24-hour closed unit, a multipurpose Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Unit with 11 beds which are all monitored. Patients assigned to ICU range from Paediatric to Geriatric.
ICU patients require maximum care and observation. Patient-Nurse ratio is 1:1. The Nurses will assess, monitor patient's parameters, review the nursing management plan, take care of patient's intake as a fluid or nutrition, observe the output, give medications and complete the documentation.
ICU Physicians help the patients, their family and caregivers forge the human and emotional connections that enhance clinical experience and are the essence of outstanding quality of care.
The ICU Department is a participant in the Education of Medical Students at all the levels and in the education of Residents in the care of the critically ill patients, in affiliation with the RCSI and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
The ICU Department performs innovative research that will improve the care of the critically ill patients.
The ICU Department performs regular reassessments of the effectiveness of its efforts in service, teaching and research. A comprehensive evaluation of the members of the ICU department is performed annually. And it is dedicated to contiguous improvement in the quality of the intensive care practice.
Visiting Hours:
Due to critical nature of patients in ICU, visit times are restricted as listed below. Additionally, no child under the age of 12 is allowed in the ICU. Only two visitors at a time are admitted into the ICU and there is no sleeping arrangement in the ICU.

Visiting hours for the Intensive Care Unit are:
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
05:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Family Waiting Area:
A waiting area is provided near the entrance to ICU